How to cook Chinese style fried spaghetti

I wanted to stir-fry the pasta with toppings, but I put too much light soy sauce and salt, so I simply fry the boiled screw rolls and broccoli together. It’s not salty or weak, it tastes just right! Because you can play at will, you can use whatever dishes you have. After taking the photo, I found that if you add some ham, bell pepper, etc., the color will be more beautiful!

Ingredients and seasonings for Chinese-style fried spaghetti

Single head garlic1 piece
Green pepper1 piece
Fresh Shiitake Mushrooms4
pastaRight amount

The practice and steps of Chinese style fried spaghetti

  1. 1.Wash the ingredients, cut green peppers into strips, cut fresh mushrooms , slice mushrooms, slice single head garlic , hand break broccoli into small pieces…Chinese-style fried spaghetti steps step 1
  2. 2.First, boil water in a pot, cook the pasta and broccoli . When the water is boiled, put the pasta first, you can sprinkle a small spoon of salt, I opened the lid and boiled, about 4 minutes, and then put the broccoli , because the broccoli is quite blanched .
  3. 3.The oil is hot, stir-fry the first garlic tablets children, smell the aroma, add fresh mushrooms , mushroom , about thirty-two points, add green pepper, Keep Go On, I was first put soy sauce and salt, then put Remove the cooked pasta and broccoli into the wok and stir-fry quickly. After you feel the noodles are evenly dipped in a uniform color, they can be taken out of the wok and plated. (I also weigh the two erupted pot, cooking really is practicing arm strength it! Is not the left arm will have muscle meat mile ~~Chinese-style fried spaghetti steps step 3
  4. 4.Stirring the fresh shiitake mushrooms and mushrooms evenly …Chinese style fried spaghetti step 4
  5. 5.Green pepper and fresh before the mushrooms , mushroom stir fry, then pour sauce of oil, according to personal taste , I use the gold standard Haitian soy sauce. Because a while to noodles , pour some can be more, so you do not have salt and chicken essence a.Chinese-style fried spaghetti step 5
  6. 6.Put the boiled screw rolls and broccoli in the wok, stir fry…After the color is even, you can get out of the wok!Chinese-style fried spaghetti step 6
  7. 7.Rich in nutrition and delicious! Mom no longer has to worry that I will be hungry!

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